Baptism is a public declaration that Jesus is Lord, that he has changed your heart, and that you have been born again. It’s an act that says,

‘I am declaring that I am a disciple of Christ. He is my Lord!’

It's a chance to proclaim the gospel - to share how Jesus' death and resurrection have changed you. Invite your friends, family, and anyone you can to celebrate with you.

If you are interested in taking this step in your walk of faith, we would love to chat with you. We ask that you do a couple of things in preparation.

Download and read through these two documents. They are intended to walk you though the purpose and practice of Baptism as well as give you an idea of how we do baptism here at summerside. 
Please feel free to fill these out with a leader in your community group. You are also welcome to contact the office for help or if you have any questions.