Our ministry continues.  It’s just a bit different!

As of March 22, Summerside Community Church Sunday services and weekly ministries on site are suspended in lieu of an interim strategy outlined here:

  • Sunday Services:
    - 9am – Church Online (open chat before and after)
    - 10am – Church Online (open chat before and after)
    - Posted here: Summerside Church Online

  • Corporate Prayer Initiatives:
    - Tuesdays - 8pm
    - Thursdays - 4pm
    - Saturdays  10am
    - List of prayer items posted on Facebook and updated on the website HERE

  • Youth:
    - Wednesday Night Youth Group – Games, Teaching, Small Groups
              Jr. High (Grades 6-8) – 6:30pm on Zoom app
              Sr. High (Grades 9-12) – 7:30pm on Zoom app
    - Emmaus Youth Discord Channel - Text and Voice chat for students and parents
    - Contact Pastor Luke or Tyler Legouffe to get connected.

  • Kids’ Ministry:
    - Join our Facebook page HERE
    - To get connected with our kids’ ministry and find some great ideas for discipling your kids, email Michele Bouma at: Summerside Kids
    - Trauma occurs when our assumptions about reality are challenged in a significant way.  The Trauma Healing Institute has a helpful resource for parents and children HERE

  • Community Groups:
    - Community groups are made for times like these! Your group can still connect via social media, video calls, phone calls, etc. Care and love one another.

  • Additional Avenues for Care and Support:
    - How to Handle an Unexpected Period of Isolation HERE
    - Healing from Trauma from COVID-19 HERE
    - Spiritual Resources in Dealing with Trauma HERE

    - The link to the videos is HERE.   There’s an introduction and 4 discussion sessions, along with PDFs. Each video is only 5-10 minutes in length.

  • If you need anything or require assistance
       - Please email us as 
              - Or call: 519-680-3541 (please leave a message)     

  • What we encourage during this time:
    1. Meaningful personal devotions - prayer, scripture, meditation, thankfulness.
    2. Intentional Family Worship - We’re offering online training to get your started in family worship HERE
    3. Community Group Engagement: Call, connect, and support the other people in your community group.
    4. Keep up to date on Facebook and our e-newsletter.
    5. Continue to be generous. Click HERE more information on how to give.

Together, we can continue to grow, learn, and follow Christ together. We exist “to make EveryDay Disciples who Glorify God Every Day”.
Let’s keep doing just that!

Pastor Deven

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