Pastor Deven | strategic focus | Friday june 3, 2022

As God continues to work and move at Summerside, I want to take a bit of time to explain our strategic focus for the coming months. As we step into the future that God has for Summerside, we simply can’t do it without you. God has you here for a reason. Here are some areas of focus into which we are investing some extra time, energy, and resources.

  1. Recruitment and Volunteer Engagement

As a staff, we are working hard at reviewing our process for onboarding, training, and equipping new volunteers in our ministries. We have several ministries that are effectively relaunching and require even more people to serve. These would include Embrace, Kids Ministry, A/V, Worship, and Youth Ministry. Like I said, God has you here for a reason; and that reason is not to consume, but to serve. So, my encouragement is to go for it, get off the sidelines, and find a place to serve.

In our seat backs in the auditorium, we have “Serve Cards.” Grab one, fill it out, and drop it off at the Welcome Table.

Every week we have new people join us for services. We want to greet them with excellence and ensure that they are cared for and served well.

  1. Relationships and Connection

As we step out of COVID and lockdown restrictions, many people are still feeling the pinch of relational loss and isolation. We want to have programs and events scheduled throughout the summer that help people connect. We want to create on-ramps for people to connect relationally such as: movie nights, guys’ camping day, women’s events. Please make an effort to stick around after the service for fellowship and conversation. We, as a staff, are working hard on this, but we need you to do it. Programs can’t beat a personal touch.

But, at the same time, we need you – our church family - to be hospitable and open in your relationships. Why not put the crockpot on and invite someone new over for lunch after a service? Grab some phone numbers and find a time to connect and host our new folks in your home.

I’d love to see us meet this need from both a program and cultural approach. We want events and programs to help people connect and deepen relationships, but we also want to see people offer Christian hospitality to new people in our community.

  1. Community Groups:

Coming out of the last two years, I know that many of our groups lack clarity and momentum. Some are doing great, but we need more groups, and more groups open to inviting new people in. To address this need, in our new budget we have made room for an additional hire. We need someone to step in and wrestle this ministry down to the ground. We are looking for someone with some administrative gifts, some leadership, and a bit of margin to meet, recruit, and help with training. Please pray with me that God makes it clear to us who that hire should be.

  1. Deacons and new Elders:

We have good, godly, and qualified elders at SCC. But there’s another biblical office in the church that we need to ensure has clarity – deacons. In the Bible, deacons are servants and are appointed to serve under the direction of the elders. We have many people serving in these roles right now, but we haven’t yet utilized this title nor provided clarity for those functioning in this capacity. We have clarity around what deacons are and how we desire them to function at SCC. We just need a bit more time to work through the logistics of selection, identification, and the visibility of deacons in our church life. More information on this should be coming soon.

Additionally, we recognize the need to have more elders. The tension is that it’s not a matter of simply selecting gifted people – it’s discerning who God is calling to serve in this role. Please pray that God would make it clear who these elders should be. If you have a recommendation, you can email

Finally, I want you to know that we love you, and we are proud of what God has done and is doing at Summerside. Whatever may come, know that we love you and we thank God for you. If we can be praying for you in any way, or if you have any input or feedback, please feel free to talk to any one of the staff or elders. We are here to serve and care for you, so we’d be delighted to listen, pray, and support you as you continue to grow.

We are “Everyday Disciples who makes Disciples Every Day.” May God give you the strength and conviction to live out your faith in creative and powerful ways this week. God bless and keep following Jesus, our Lord and King.

 Pastor Deven