Here at Summerside, we believe that being a part of a church, in membership, is a key way that we show dedication to the church and mission of Christ and also allow for the church, and its people, to interact, care, challenge and support one other.

As such, we have put together this course to help introduce those considering membership at Summerside with:

    • The Biblical framework for why we do what we do as a church

    • To grow in appreciation for what Jesus did in establishing his church

    • To help you decide if Summerside is the church you are going to join

    • To help new members understand the expectations and responsibilities of membership at Summerside

Below you will find all the necessary documents, links, Notes and videos needed to start working your way through this membership class.

  • We ask that you print the notes (or save them digitally) to read through them and prayerfully consider the words and topics discussed

  • Follow the link provided to watch the videos and follow through the notes as Pastor Deven interacts with them

  • Make your own notes, jot down questions and get involved in the conversation as you work through the content