Community Groups are absolutely central to our church life. This is where the primary connections, care, and authentic community take place. If you want to get connected – JOIN A COMMUNITY GROUP.

A Community Group is a small group of people (approx 6-12) that meets throughout the week. It is held in people’s homes or here at the church. In a Community Group, you will find people at different places in their spiritual journey. It is a place where you study, learn, pray, share, and hangout. Christianity is not a “me and Jesus” journey. We are all gifted in different ways, and when we all take part in community to God’s glory, we grow.

We have a number of Community Groups available to choose from. Each Community Group is involved in some form of service. This is an opportunity to serve one another and our community. Talk to the leadership and pastors to know more about current Community Groups.

There is a Community Group that meets at the church on Tuesdays, every other week, beginning September 24 (with a break over the summer months). They begin with an optional potluck meal at 6:10pm. The Bible study begins at 6:45pm and the evening ends at 8:10pm. If you are interested in this, please contact Pastor Mark at .

If you can only be involved in one thing at Summerside, make it a Community Group.