• Where are we going as a church?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • What’s happening at Summerside?
  • What’s coming up in the year?
  • What role does your ministry play in reaching people?
  • How does your ministry area relate to others?
  • How can we grow in our effectiveness?

These are great questions. If we’re going to reach people for Jesus and be effective in our mission, we need clarity on these and other issues. That’s where Summerside ENGAGE comes in.

If you call Summerside home and serve here in any way, we want you to come to ENGAGE. This is where we, as a church, can get on the same page so that we can reach people for Jesus. It’s a time of information and celebrating what God’s doing.

We’ll be talking about our growth, new developments in the community, and praying about how we can reach our community. We’ll also be spending time together in worship and prayer.

Next ENGAGE Night – TBA