Summerside NEXT is an adult education experience where we dive into theology, biblical studies, and current issues. Our goal is to learn, question, and grow to love Jesus more. We offer these courses throughout the year.

Next Classes: In February, we will be continuing our adult class series following Wayne Grudem’s book, Christian Beliefs. Whether you’re a new believer or a mature Christian, this is for you. All classes are from 6 – 7:30pm in the foyer. Register HERE .    Books are available from Amazon.

Class topics:

1. Feb. 10 – What is the resurrection?
2. Feb 17 – What is election?
3. Feb. 24 – Becoming a Christian
4. March 3 – What happens next?

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A place to learn, question, and grow

We are called to love God with our mind. At Summerside NEXT, we take time to focus, study God’s Word, and learn together. It’s an adult education time that focusses on everything from systematic theology to marriage and family issues. It’s also a great way to give our Pastoral Assistants teaching opportunities.