Songs for the Everyday – A Psalm for the Worried and Stressed

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We all get stressed out. Whether it’s the constant negative news cycles, trouble at home or work, or something else – we all face anxious realities. Psalm 2 doesn’t shy away from the reality that, although life may look overwhelming, God is in control. Come Sunday as Pastor Deven unpacks Psalm 2.

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2 Comments on “Songs for the Everyday – A Psalm for the Worried and Stressed”

  1. Good afternoon,
    First off I can’t wait to come back to hear part 2 of your sermon. I have never been to your church before. I went in support of my neighbors father who was on the keyboard (in the band). They texted me and said that their father was playing and they thought that I would have a really good time (in support). They didn’t make it due to other obligations but I did 🙂 )Their statement was well under rated because I had a blast. I felt lifted with in the first 5 minutes. My eyes were tearing up, it felt like the service was directed at me (enough said). I was sitting in the back center row. 1/2 way through I got up as my 2.5 year old daughter was being a little too vocal. I ended up taking her to your Sunday school where she had fun with the other children. I of course returned to hear the rest of the awesome service. With my job I don’t always have Sundays off but for some unknown reason , in July and August I do (for the most part). The energy was brilliant! See you again this Sunday, thank you and God Bless!

    1. Hey there, thanks so much for the comment. Part 2 coming on Sunday.

      Don’t be stressed out! God’s on the throne – he’s got it under control!

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